Wednesday, March 9, 2016

I couldnt let team and the country down - will take this positive - Angelo Mathews

Sri Lanka Captain of T20 Angelo Mathews expecting to have Laisth Malinga for the first game of the World Twenty 20 against the qualifier on the 17 th of this month. ​

He has expressed his view during the press conference held ahead the first warm up game against New Zealand scheduled to play tomorrow at Mumbai. 

"We are hoping Lasith will be fit for the first game of the tournament. He wont be playing for first practice games.  We want him to rest and recover. We know what the quality he has. He can train a couple of days and walk strait in to the match. He is a guy like that."

Angelo also expressed the disappointment not to have Lasith Malinga with the team due to an injury. 

" Its unfortunate Malinga is not fit as yet, he has to take a call, but he is very vital very important person in our team, so we kept him in the squad hoping he will be able to play the first game.  So we want him to rest and recover properly." 

"I was told to lead the team in the world cup. And how I can say no?  and I cant let the team and down. So Ill take this as a positive, because I know that they trusted me, so I will try to do my best what ever the possible to get in to top with the team what I have. They given me the team that I wanted. So now its a matter of going out there and expressing our selves." 

Angelo revealed that Lasith Malinga's involvement on his appointment as the captaincy in the Twenty 20 team aswel. 

" After he resigned from the captaincy he asked me to take over the captaincy. Well we are not very disturbed. Because administrators knows what need to be done. As cricketers important to focus on this tournament. This is a very important tournament. We are focusing and we are really not worried about what happening out side." 

Journalists questioned the current situation of the team as they arrived to play in the magor event after couple of dramatic hours. 

Sri Lanka Cricket has appointed a new selection committee hours before the team leaving to India yesterday(08).

Former captains Aravinda de Silva & Kumar Sangakkara were included to the selection committee along with member of world cup winning team in 1996 Romesh Kaluwitharana by the minister of Sports. 

"Absolutely if we can get these guys involved. These are legends. Two of best cricketers Sri Lanka has ever produced, and we are lucky to work with them. Having guys like Sangakkara, Aravinda, Kaluwitharana and the rest definitely a moral boost for us. Because they have played in so many world cups, they have lots of experience. We have got a inexperience team when comparing to previous world cup squads." 

Angelo took the challenge fairly  with the new team who has failed in Asia Cup. 

"Every tournament is a challenge, every match is a challenge. Whether you are a captain or not, you have certain role to play in the team. Selectors and Lasith have being planing for this tournament for quite a long time they have work together, now its a whole different situation. so i have to do the best and get the best out of team which i have." 

Sri Lanka will play in the first warm up game against New Zealand tomorrow and the second warm up against Pakistan. 

Sri Lanka will play at their  first game in the main tournament on 17th against winners of Qualifier B.